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United Velo Cycling Club typically offers 4 different groups for our riding based on experience and speed.

Group D:  This group can include beginners and those who enjoy going out for a leisurely ride.  Both road bicycles and hybrid bicycles are welcome.

Top Speeds on flat roads: 25 km/h.  Average Speeds on flat roads: 18-22 km/h.


Group C:  This group is for riders with some experience riding, but might have never ridden in a group before.  We highly recommend a road bicycle but stronger riders will be able to keep up on a hybrid bike. If you cannot ride 22-25 km/h on a solo ride please try Group D before joining Group C.  Group C is a no drop ride where we support each other for the success of everyone.

Top Speeds on flat roads: 30 km/h.  Average Speeds on flat roads: 26-33km/h

Group B:  This group is for experienced riders and/or riders who are in good physical shape. This group will regroup at the top of every hill and is essentially a no drop ride. If you are newer to group riding and cannot hold 30 km/h in a group or 25-27 km/h on your own we recommend you start riding with Group C before trying Group B.

Top Speeds on flat roads: 40 km/h.  Average Speeds on flat roads: 32-37 km/h

Group A:  This group is for those riders who like to ride fast with periods of extreme efforts. There are very few regrouping opportunities and if you cannot keep up, you might get left behind (usually you can regroup with Group B that will be following but could be doing a different route). If you are feeling strong and up for a challenge, this group is for you.

Top Speeds on flat roads: 45 km/h with sprints hitting 50-55 km/h.  Average Speeds on flat roads: 37-44km/h

Looking for Group D rides?
Watch the e-mails for these rides or e-mail us with your questions.

Looking for Group A, B, or C rides?
Every Saturday Morning these groups ride from Cloverdale and the Golden Ears Bridge. Typical ride lengths are: 
Group C rides 50 km.
Group B rides 80 km.
Group A rides 100 km.

For more information, visit OUR RIDES page


New members can join United Velo from the Join Now button below. Membership cost is $60 for the year plus the required Cycling BC membership. 


Yes! As United Velo is a registered club with Cycling BC, you will be required to purchase Cycling BC insurance as well as a Citizens and/or UCI license depending on what your plans are for the year of riding. The basic Cycling BC General/Affiliated membership is sufficient for all those wanting to participate in United Velo club rides but not race.

When you register with the club, you will be prompted to acquire Cycling BC insurance.

United Velo Kit 2023

We normally offer a couple of ordering windows throughout the year. At the moment our kit is designed and made by C.O.D.E Sports. We may at certain times carry additional items for sale (no guarantees). 

C.O.D.E. Sizing charts (Men and Women below)


Jersey (Peloton - more relaxed fit) $75

Jersey (Carrera Race - tighter fit) $110

Bibs $135

Fit Kit available

Contact Hugh Brock (usually can be contacted via our WhatsApp groups)

For all other questions - please email Derek Keen


Women - Peloton Plus.jpeg
Women - Carrera.jpeg


Men - Carrera.jpeg
Men - Peloton Plus.jpeg
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