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2019 United Velo Racing Team

What is the Race Team’s Vision?

The vision of the United Velo Race Team is to grow and develop riders at the grassroots level with the objective of feeding provincial and national teams. We seek to build the exposure of the club’s racing program and promote the United Velo Cycling Club in Metro Vancouver and BC. The club and the members of the UV Race Team aim to create an enjoyable, competitive and well coordinated racing program for all levels and ages.


The Race Team enjoys the support of the club and membership. Team members enjoy race support, team training, and group rides. As such, team members are encouraged to always train and race in their United Velo Club kit to promote awareness of and support for the club. They will also give back to the members of the club by coaching new riders and participating in club events.

Where will we race?

The Race Team will participate in local and provincial race around BC and Western Washington. We have riders in who participate in Road, Track, Mountain, Cyclocross.  We will also ride Fondos and other big events.

Our motto is “Have fun, be safe, cycle hard, and be a good teammate.”

2019 United Velo Race Team

The 2019 race season is quickly approaching.  We are looking for riders who want to be part of the United Velo Race Team.  This isn't to say that non-Race Team members cannot race, you will just miss out on some benefits of being on the team.
So what are the benefits of being a part of the Race Team?

  1. Structured training sessions and race strategies:  we have partnered with Fast Factory to train our Team and develop our riders.  As a UV Race Team member these Skillz & Drillz workout sessions will be paid for  by the team.

  2. Team Helmets: each UV Race Team member will receive a team helmet, minimum $100 value. (More details to follow).

  3. 50% off race fees: Race Team members will only pay 50% of a race's entrance fees for the events the Team is entering.

  4. Win back your race fees: when a UV Race Team member wins a race, all the UV Race Team members in that “category” will have their entire race fee covered, hence teamwork and having a plan will be essential. We will win as a team! 

  5. Support: Race Team members will receive race support with the trailer/tents/trainers/refreshments.

Focus Races for the Team in  2019:  (subject to change)  
(UV Race Team will cover half these entry fees)
Spring Series                        8 races at  $50.00/race
United Velo Race Series       5 races at $20/race
United Velo BC Cup Race                        $55.00
Jeremy’s Roubaix                                    $55.00
Race the Ridge                                         $120.00 (2 day Stage Race)
Hatzic Road Race                                    $55.00
BC Superweek:

Ladner Crit                $60.00
White Rock Crit         $60.00
Poco Crit                    $60.00
BC Provincial Championships
Road Race                $70.00
Crit                            $70.00 
Canadian National Championships (Victoria)
Road Race                $70.00
Crit                            $70.00

CX, Track, MTB races: To be determined

 Race Team Requirements:

  1. Complete a minimum of 6 races in any discipline (road, MTB, Track, CX) during the 2019 season.

  2. A volunteer commitment of a total of 10 hours per year. (At UV events or leading rides)

  3. Agreement to purchase at least one 2019 team kit (jersey & shorts).

  4. Social media and personal promotion of our sponsors and our club and team.

  5. Maintaining a current Cycling BC race license listing United Velo as current racing team.

  6. Providing a minimum of two race reports or article submissions with images or videos for our website and social media.

  7. Lead a minimum of two club rides per year, in your category or lower.

  8. Attend a minimum of one team training ride or club ride per month.

  9. Wear the UV kit during training and club rides, racing in the 2019 UV kit.

Please understand the club and our sponsors are covering many of the fees for you. If you take advantage of all the benefits and races, there will be about $1500 in value to you. But this isn’t our focus.   Our race team is about giving back, developing you as a rider, mentoring new riders, and camaraderie. 
Come join the Team if  want to race your bike a lot and can see yourself committing to the above requirements.
Cost to join the team is $500 by January 31st, 2019.  There will be a meeting of Race Team members and potential ones near the end of January 2019 to answer any questions you may have. 
If you have any immediate questions please email or call me.
Yours Truly;
Wayne Bradford
UV Race Team Captain

Do I need to shave my legs?

No, shaving is not required. However I would be remiss if I did not point out Rule #33 of the official rules of cycling


Legs are to be carefully shaved at all times. If, for some reason, your legs are to be left hairy, make sure you can dish out plenty of hurt to shaved riders, or be considered a hippie douche on your way to a Critical Mass. Whether you use a straight razor or a Bowie knife, use Baxter to keep them smooth.


However, this rule will not apply to the Team, and we welcome all – even hairy racers.