2020 United Velo Racing Team

What is the Race Team’s Vision?

The vision of the United Velo Race Team is to grow and develop riders at the grassroots level with the objective of feeding provincial and national teams. We seek to build the exposure of the club’s racing program and promote the United Velo Cycling Club in Metro Vancouver and BC. The club and the members of the UV Race Team aim to create an enjoyable, competitive and well coordinated racing program for all levels and ages.


The Race Team enjoys the support of the club and membership. Team members enjoy race support, team training, and group rides. As such, team members are encouraged to always train and race in their United Velo Club kit to promote awareness of and support for the club. They will also give back to the members of the club by coaching new riders and participating in club events.

Where will we race?

The Race Team will participate in local and provincial race around BC and Western Washington. We have riders in who participate in Road, Track, Mountain, Cyclocross.  We will also ride Fondos and other big events.

Our motto is “Have fun, be safe, cycle hard, and be a good teammate.”

2020 United Velo Race Team

The 2020 race season is quickly approaching.  The structure for this year's team will be a bit different than last year.  We will have an A Team and a B Team.  The A Team will consist of racers chosen by the race committee. These individuals will all have three things in common: Ability, commitment to weekly team practicing, and desire to race their bike. The A Team will race either masters open, or masters 45-55
The B team will be open to any United Velo members that want to race.  The members on this team are welcome to attend all team training sessions and have the opportunity to be affiliates for the A Team when the need arises or when performance and commitment demand it. The B Team will be asked to race their Category 2-3-4.
The cost to join the team is $500.00.  Part of this fee is to personally buy a “Race Fit” kit, jersey, bibs and vest, which should come to approximately $300.00.  The difference can then be E-transferred to unitedvelo@shaw.ca
Benefits to being a part of the Race Team:

  • Weekly structured team training rides, put on by Scott Goguen. These workouts are dynamic and follow a progression, so it is very important you try to make as many sessions as possible.


  • Win back your race fees! When UV wins a race, the winner and all team members in that race receive 100% of their registration back.


  • Support: Race Team members will receive race support with the trailer.  The trailer will be stocked with tents, trainers, chairs, bike stands, mechanics stands, pumps, tools, and of course beer! We will also have chains, tubes, tires, cables, and anything else that may be needed last minute come race day.

The first race of the season is River Road RR on February 29.  Hopefully your winter training has been going well!
If you have any questions please email or call me.
Yours truly,
Wayne Bradford
UV Race Team